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How to Start That Side Hustle You've Been Dreaming of, NOW

 Losing your job and other dangerous events can frighten the daylight out of you and act as massive motivators to get away from you and take action. But do you really need to hit rock bottom to start that project or side activity you've always wanted to do, but have been putting off for too long?

How to Start That Side Hustle You've Been Dreaming of, NOW

You can come up with a large number of explanations and justifications for why you didn't start or why you started but stopped and never finished.

Do you want to know what is the most difficult challenge for you?


What’s Your Excuse?

After hearing so many people explain why they "can't" start that side business or business they've been thinking about for so long, a pattern began to emerge.

Here is a list of excuses I’ve heard over and over again:

  1. I'm running out of time (most common).
  2. I'm just waiting (insert what you want here).
  3. I do not know where to begin.
  4. I'm not in a good mood now.
  5. I need mental clarity.
  6. I just can't start with myself.
  7. I don't have enough money to get started.
  8. What if I Fail / What If I Tried and Failed.
  9. I don't know enough about it.
  10. He is not well versed in the subject and lacks sufficient experience.
  11. I simply am not ready yet (which gives me peace of mind).
  12. It is really very difficult.
  13. I liked the circumstances people.
  14. It is really very dangerous.
  15. I'm not a creative enough person.
  16. I don't have enough self-confidence (people tend to hide this with other excuses).
  17. It is not the right time.
  18. I worry about what other people might think of me (someone else who is usually withheld).

Should I keep going? What’s your excuse?

"Nothing will ever be prosecuted unless all potential objections are dealt with first." - Samuel Johnson.

The Goal

A side hustle doesn't have to mean doing a side thing to supplement your income while still working full time. This is a harmful way to frame it because it indicates that it is just a secondary consumable item and not particularly important to you, which increases the likelihood that it will be abandoned.

Just wanting extra income on the side suggests that the time you spend working isn't worth the money you're already earning to live the life you want. It aims to balance the cost-benefit ratio by generating more funds from different sources.

Aside from starting a side hustle, I think killing yourself at your full-time job to please your boss in the hopes of getting a promotion or raise is, in my opinion, a waste of life. You dedicate a lot of time and effort, to achieving someone else's goals, by relying on individuals who may or may not give you that raise or promotion.

I'm sure you or someone you know has had to deal with situations where office politics or some dramatic, energy-draining, toxic nonsense gets in the way of being recognized properly or simply receiving a raise/promotion. There are many unknowns and uncertainties that must be dealt with.

Do not get me wrong, this does not mean that it will push you into a downward spiral and force you to surrender. On the contrary, especially if you are just starting out in your career, are in debt, or are not familiar with the concept, you should always be as happy and grateful as possible to have a job that provides you with food, shelter, experience, knowledge, social network, etc. However, we must always be determined to improve our situation and have a long-term strategy to ultimately live the life we ​​want, on our own terms, not on someone else's terms.

Just Imagine

No more control and dealing with bad people, office politics, working long hours to undervalue and maybe even lower salaries, yes more autonomy, yes more control over your life and enjoying it on your own terms.

Starting a side hustle can have fantastic benefits including:

  1. To have something to expect and yearn for daily.
  2. Put more effort into your current job and you'll be less anxious because you know you won't be there indefinitely. You will have a place to go and work on it.
  3. Working in your side hustle can give you a sense of deep success and purpose knowing you're helping yourself, rather than helping others get rich.
  4. If you're not yet an "expert" in the side hustle field you'd like to pursue, getting to know it is still considered working on it and acquiring new skills that are proven to make you happier.
  5. You will feel a strong sense of success, fulfillment, and motivation to continue working hard and achieve higher results once you start receiving positive responses.

Start with the why

The cause will determine what you'll encounter and obstacles, start your side hustle and stick with it, or simply put it aside and do something that gives you instant gratification to avoid pain and resistance like watching TV between shows swiping up and down on your phone or "searching" endlessly.

Simply put, if the reason is not compelling enough; If that doesn't matter to you, it's doomed from the start. You should sit down and think about how important it is to you. What does it mean for you to do what you want to do? What is your goal exactly? What is the goal of your task? What do you want to achieve and gain from this experience?

Be honest with yourself, it doesn't have to be your rods that will end world hunger or bring world peace. It can be anything as basic as wanting to make a better life for your family, taking more time to meditate on the beach, or losing yourself in the joyous flow of creating a statue. Make sure your reasons are really important and exciting to you, whatever they are.

Write it down somewhere you can come back to it later to remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing is going to get hard.

Resist the Resistance

You will always feel resistance when you try something new that challenges you to venture outside your comfort zone Things like What if I fail? It will come to your mind how is everything safe? What will they think of me? This is a lot of work, etc. in addition to the other reasons I mentioned earlier. These mental blockages can be incredibly compelling and convince you not to take even the first step.

Of course, you will not be perfect in it right away as with anything new. You will encounter difficulties and issues, and problems, and experience problems that you would not have expected and would not have known or had not gone and tried, discovering these obstacles and learning from them.

There are dangers associated with doing something new, and as adults, we tend to exaggerate them into mysterious and frightening monsters that only exist in our heads.

Look at a young child who is learning to walk or grasp objects. Do they know how to do that when the dome falls? Or do they keep trying and trying day in and day out until they can achieve it and improve on what they were the day before? What if I fail? Not the idea of ​​a child standing, falling and getting up again. They never think what these people will think of them about me? Instead, they are all consumed with the work in progress until they figure out how to get it done. They don't say I don't have time; They say I will make time.

The Motivation of Importance

The more important something appears, the higher it appears on your priority list.

We deem tasks important and are motivated to do them for two reasons:

  1. We anticipate the benefits of good things that we will get if we follow this.
  2. We are terrified of bad things that will happen if we don't follow through.

The latter is a more effective incentive to prioritize and accomplish tasks.

You might imagine great things like becoming your own boss and having the financial freedom to do whatever you want, unpleasant things like staying full time with that boss for a long time (for a very short period). Thank you, but I'll say no. Don't waste too much time imagining the worst-case scenario; Instead, imagine what would happen if you didn't start working on your side hustle. This will motivate you to take measures that will push you into action.

Subconsciously, a strange opposite result can occur.

Similar to how an unwelcome bad outcome can inspire you to act, it can also prevent you from doing so, wasting time.

Doing something that takes a long time is difficult and requires a lot of effort and is seen as somewhat painful. The above arguments will be used to make you generate resistance in your mind which will make you avoid this pain and seek immediate pleasure instead which results in wasting precious time.

Watch out when this happens. Refuse to give up, resist it and keep moving forward. Make yourself comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

Leo Babauta of Zen Habits recommends navigating the obstacle rather than avoiding it. You will feel uncertainty, fear, or discomfort about some of your most important duties. This is known as 'decentralization' or a feeling that there is no solid ground under your feet. Instead of avoiding this task, focus your attention on it. Continue to realize that there is no foundation. Allow yourself To feel awe and uncertainty, but don't let it push you out. You should view remaining indifferently in the performance of the activity as an act of love and devotion.".

Past Just Fantasizing About it

Let's have a look at the most common pains and how to address them.

Not enough time. For really vital things, you can save time Check your schedule to discover where you can save time by doing less important things. And maybe self tolerant. You will be amazed at how much time you can save each day by doing this.

For example, you might waste a few hours watching Netflix/YouTube or lazily surfing the internet, checking social media, etc. instead of working on your side hustle.

You can spend a lot of time with people who don't add anything great or meaningful to your life and drain your life This is your chance to shine instead, take it and focus on your side hustle.

Use your commute time to listen to audiobooks and/or podcasts on a related topic for helpful information and insights into your side hustle.

Consider other aspects of your life where you can cut the Zoya and save time, and it will not be an argument, not enough time is not valid.

"It's a myth that you're too busy. People take time for the things that matter most to them." - Mandy Hill is an actress.

When you have some spare time, shut it down completely without interruption as if your life depended on it because now so your good life depends on it. Silence your phone, close your door, and if you're in a noisy environment Turn on the noise track brown, tell your partner that this time you'll be working on your side project, and explain the benefits. Treat this time as precious. Keep up the side hustle, my dear!

What if I fail?
Ask yourself this question. Not seriously. Consider asking yourself what's the worst-case scenario.

Your most likely answers will almost certainly rule out a heavy loss. Remember, failure is necessary to learn from past mistakes and correct them, then try again, then fail, then learn, then correct and try again, and so on.

I'll leave it up to you to research how many times successful people failed before achieving their current position. This is because they don't stay stuck at the problem level. They advance to the solution level, even if it means encountering useful failures that motivate experience.

They are perfect. Another issue that might prevent you from starting a side hustle is perfect. I would like to point out that there is no such thing as perfect perfection. You can work on something indefinitely. You must decide when this is enough and move forward.

Do you think people build flawless things right from the start? of course not! Scrabble notes, rough drafts, audio notes, and paper clips are invisible. The first two drafts seem bad at first. Things get better as a result of the polishing process.

You can always improve your work no matter how bad you thought it was at first. Nothing is engraved in stone and can't be changed don't worry about breaking things just start from somewhere.

Here are some examples of successful projects that started out as a shabby side hustle:

  1. Apple. Steve Jobs was working full-time at Atari while developing the Apple I.
  2. Facebook. It started as a side project in Mark Zuckerberg's dorm room.
  3. Craig’s List. It was started by Craig Newmark while working as a full-time programmer.
  4. Twitter. Jack Dorsey looked at Twitter in his spare time while working as a full-time programmer at a startup company called Odeo.
  5. Virgin Records and Virgin Atlantic. Richard Branson was fired both as foreign enterprises while working on other projects.

Employees can spend up to 20% of their time on side projects. What Google starts with is why enabling a personal "side project" to the internet giant could eventually become one of its most important products. In fact, Gmail and Google Maps were side projects previously.

Get to know your side hustle

When the inevitable problems arise, you will not tolerate working on them. Take yourself literally, regardless of your subject matter or experience. Provides exceptional service very useful to others Now the main business is about exchanging value, delivering unparalleled value Learn and master.

Some examples of side businesses include:

  • advisor
    • When it comes to individuals
    • companies participate

  • the exercise
    • one to one
    • group exercise

  • freelance work

  • Informatics product creation/product development courses

  • sell merchandise
    • your own creations
    • Third-Party License

To get started, you can do things related to your side hustle:

  • Learn about a side hustle topic, which may include:
    • Read books, e-books, and blogs, for example.
    • Audiobooks, podcasts, and personal conversations are all options
    • Attend classes seminars, webinars, and workshops,

exhibitions, etc.

  • Networking / Market Research:
    • Analyze the competition
    • target market
    • Meet people at a party, or Through subscribers' friends
    • Facebook groups
    • Reddit
    • Where else would you look for your market?.

  • Planning and marketing
    • Creating a business plan
    • Creating a marketing strategy
    • Inbound marketing
    • Sales funnels
    • SEO
    • Social media marketing
    • Advertising
    • Affiliate links
  • Creating
    • YouTube videos
    • Blog articles
    • Podcasts and audio products
    • Social media content
    • Courses
    • Books
    • products
    • Digital and physical tools
    • Combinations of the above

The above lists are not exhaustive and are meant to provide a few things for you to get started.

You will lose momentum while working on your side business at some point. Simply remind yourself of the benefits and the reason. Why. Imagine what success would look like and 'make it'll Think what would happen if you didn't start.

Victory feelings prolong motivation, so include small victories in your strategy.

Remember that you will never feel fully prepared. Simply start somewhere. You will face setbacks and get frustrated, get used to it. Don't expect your business to be flawless, that never happens. Keep improving yourself one step at a time and before you know it, you'll be off to the races my friend.

Are you still here? let's start.